What is TPV?

TPV, thermoplastic Vulcanizate, part of the TPE family of polymers but are closest in elastomeric properties to EPDM thermoset rubber, combining the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the processing properties of thermoplastics.
Suzhou Hongshuo TPV has excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance and was mainly used in automotive parts, seals, construction, and electronic communications.
Features of Suzhou Hongshuo TPV:

1. Good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, environmental and aging resistance as EPDM, oil and solvent resistance as CR
2. Wide range of temperature for application (– 60—150℃), a wide range of hardness (Shore 45A - Shore 54D), easy dyeing, greatly improve the freedom of product design
3. Excellent processing performance: suitable for injection, extrusion, blow molding, and other thermoplastic processing methods, efficient, simple, no need to add equipment, adjustable liquidity, low shrinkage
4. Green environmental protection, recyclable use, repeated use of six times no significant decline in performance, in line with EU environmental requirements
5. Light weigh (0.90 - 0.97), sub-gloss and homogeneous appearance, high surface quality, smooth and soft to touch

Post time: Nov-18-2021